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'Shimma and Zeusy' You Were Both Here With Me Today and You Proved It...xxxx

Mar 6, 2011

by Theresa

My lovely Shim Shim, and my lovely Zeusy, I was outside playing with Wolfie and Lola and I pretended in my head that you were there and I re-enacted memories of us all outside and certain special memories of you and Zeusy.

I pretended that you were there Shim and you was hiding from me behind the garage and I coaxed you out, do you remember? You eventually came out and then leant against me as if to say 'I just want to be alone mummy, I have lost my dearest friend Zeusy and I am so weak and heartbroken', with that I cuddled you and ignored your pleas for solace and defeat and told you 'come on Shim Shim you silly girl, you are ok, you've got mummy' but you wasn't ok' you were slowly dying of a broken heart, but I thought my strength of love and ignorance would save you my lovely girl, but it didn't...x

Zeusy.. you were my boy, such a gentle giant like my son, such a pappy boy but you suffered so badly and in so much agony with a twisted gut and although you were only in the next room to me I didn't have a clue, they call it 'The Silent Killer'.

Forgive me my boy, I would never have let you suffer that way my baby, had I known. I held you in my arms and kissed your face and begged you to hold on, but it was too late. I had never seen you look so peaceful though, considering what you had suffered.

You looked so happy and out of pain and almost smiling knowing how much mummy loved you, I believe you truly knew.

Yes you were both with me today, please come back and save me as often as you can, as I would have given my all to save you...

With all my Love and Memories...

To my Shimma and Zeus xxxxxx

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