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Such Regrets...

Jun 21, 2010

by Theresa

What can I do, how can I make it up to them, how can I tell them I am so sorry?

Please God give me a chance to stop hurting, I wake up at night and there they are... a fore front in my mind, I wake up in the morning and I just want to die cos I know I can't tell them how much I truly loved them but didn't show it!!!!

Yesterday was really bad, don't know why but do you really need a reason for dying inside and falling apart for doggies you loved so much and lost, and now it's too late to tell them.

My son is coping well and I'm glad, he has such a big workload on his shoulders and I think that is his way of dealing with it, plus he has them both in his bedroom in their caskets side by side and he talks to them so he handles things differently to me, but I can't even look at them when I go in there so I know that I'm not dealing with it that well.

Please someone, somewhere, give me something to make this pain go away and have some peace in my heart where my Shim and Zeus still own and exist...

I am so sorry my lovely bubbies and I just want to see you again to tell you just how much... Please forgive me.

Your broken mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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