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Thinking of You Always Zeusy, Especially at this Sad Time....xxxxx

June 5, 2013

by Theresa

It was 4 years ago on the 5th June 2009 at 6pm that you slipped away from me right before my eyes at the vets, I can still remember it as if it were yesterday....

I can still feel the pain and hysteria I felt when the vet said that you had gone, I couldn't believe it, I refused to believe it and I broke like I had never broken before (not even when my nan passed and I was so very close to her!!!)

Oh my Zeusy for all the agony you had suffered and endured you looked so peaceful and content laying there and if I dare say it 'happy', as if to say "It's OK mummy, I'm alright now, I'm not hurting anymore, my pain has ended" but oh my God mine had so unbearably begun....

I still cry my Zeusy and I still miss you and my Shim Shim so very very much but one consolation is that I know you are together now and waiting for me and Wolfie and Lola to join you with all my other doggies....

God bless you my Zeusy and all my other lost loves, we will meet again, that I have to believe, otherwise all this love and pain would have been pointless and I do believe God does things for a 'reason', even if it does break our hearts....

Well my Zeusy Juicy Lucy,
Till we meet again,
I Will Love You, Always, Forever, Amen.... Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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