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'Theresa, Zeus & Shimma'

Thinking of You, Especially This Time of Year

Jan 1, 2011

by Theresa

Dear Shim Shim and Zeus,

No I havent forgotten you and you know that, I missed you both again this Christmas, only the 2nd one since I have lived in this house and it is now my 14th year.

I think about you and cry so much wishing if only I had loved you in life as much as I have mourned and grieved for you in death.

I just wanted to tell you that I am waiting until I am with you both again and we can be complete with me, you... Shimma, Zeus, Lola and Wolfie but not yet, our time will come.

Love you both with all my heart,

I will see you in Nathaniels bedroom again tonite and I will kiss you goodnight,

Goodbye for now...

Love you with all my heart,


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