Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Theresa, Zeus & Shimma'

You Are Still Both in My Heart and My Mind Constantly

Oct 22, 2010

by Theresa

Dear Zeusy and Shim Shim,

The pain of losing you both has not lessened but I have grown a little stronger and I am able to at times control my grief.

Lola and Wolfie, I know miss you both very much, altho I know they are still waiting for you both to come home, as I am.

It is almost a year since I lost you Shimma and I can hardly believe that I have survived the time without you and my soppy old Zeusy, but I guess I had to carry on for the sake of my Lola and Wolfie, whom I love as deeply as i do you and Zeus.

I know I was a hard mum at times but I hope and pray that deep down you truly knew how much I loved you both and that thought keeps me strong.

You are upstairs sleeping in Nathaniels room and there you will stay, side by side, as you always were in this life.

Love you my babies and one day I may be strong enough to hold you in my arms again,

Till we meet again,

Your everloving Mummy xxxxxxxx

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