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Memorial for Sam

July 2, 2011

by Tom Martin
(Beaufort, SC USA)

I ordered a slate memorial for Sam's place in my sister's yard. I thought about it long and hard because it doesn't make sense to some people to spend money on a pet after they are gone, but it will mean a lot to me to be able to mark her resting place. Why do we do that for humans if it is inappropriate for pets? Everybody knows how much I loved her, but this is the last way I can say it.

The memorial says:

Sam - loved by all
We cherish the memories
of our sweet brown girl.
1997 - 2011

She was so sweet, and so beautiful, it's hard not to give her human properties, but I think they have more humanity in them than we are aware of.

I will want to "rescue" a couple of dogs in the future, 2 so that while I am working each of them will have a companion. I didn't think of that for Sam, and I know now she must have been terribly lonely. And I can't make that up to her.

I still have so much doubt about putting her to sleep, putting her down, ending her life. I loathe myself sometimes because I could do nothing more. I love her so much, and I miss her every day.

I'm diabetic, and on a number of occasions, Sam woke me up when my blood sugar was very low. (Very low blood sugar can be dangerous, too) I think she knew something was wrong, and nudged me until I got up and checked it.

She was an angel.

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