Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Tracy & Milo'

6 Months Later

Mar 6, 2013

by Tracy
(Washington State)

It has been six months since that fateful night. We have come a long way, but that ache is still in my heart. I start heading home most days and a sadness comes over me as my beautiful Milo will not be there to greet me. I loved picking him up and laying him over my shoulder - it was our way of saying Hello. I miss his loud Meow and wish I could hold him once again.

We now have little Luna and realize that we would not be sharing her love without the loss of Milo. The world goes on and we will find ways to cope - I don't cry as often, but sleep still escapes me. I pray for peace and a sign; one day I will receive this gift.

Until I see him once again, I am furever holding my Milo in my heart.

Love you baby boy.


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