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'Tracy & Milo'

Still Miss You Milo

Sept 5, 2013

by Tracy
(Washington State)

It's been 1-year tonight since I lost you. Mommy is trying so hard to move on, but you're in my thoughts every day Milo. The nights are especially hard and I have not been the same since that night. I love the other animals, but they're not you. Milo you were a true one-in-million boy. I wish I could be holding you right now, how I miss your warmth, your cries, oh your demanding cries.

I haven't been able to feel you and it's hard living each day without you. I'm gonna try and be strong - I know you wouldn't want me to be sad.

I survived this past year with only memories of you. I am still in disbelief - I want you back so much.

If I find strength Milo, I need to remember you with smiles and love. The tears might lessen, but the love I have for you will remain. I will never forget you, my sweet baby boy.

Mommy will love you forever, please find me in my dreams.

With all my love,


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