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Letter To Pauline - Day 10

Oct 27, 2010

by Wendy

On Oct 27, 2010, at 4:28 PM, "Wendy Davies" wrote:


Now that your big birthday is over, how do you feel? How sad that your lovely Pupp passed on just before.

Are Pam and Rob still with you? I have been taking the loss of Sabby quite hard.
She was like your Pupp, a daily loving presence.
And we ‘talked’ a lot!

I have been feeling a bit depressed in spite of the Prozac, do you feel like that?

I have also been contributing to a diary on a pet loss site which has helped by giving me an avenue for frank expression.

We will get another cat in time, but of course to me, at the moment, she was ‘the only one’.

Maybe that’s because I didn’t have real babies?

Love to you both


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