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'Wendy & Sabbath'

Monday, Day 7

Oct 25, 2010

by Wendy

I have felt better today, more at ease and more accepting that what happened had to be. She is in a good place and suffers no more. She would not want us to suffer either.

I had her so long that I hoped she would never go. I was selfish and I am sure she lived so long because she couldn't leave me either.
Went out today to have lunch at the lovely al fresco country restaurant Bees On Line, with our old friends Sarah Jane and Andrew, and of course they are pet lovers too.

Felt fine till about 6.30 when I started having memories of her last days again. Her little face at the roadside, the night I drove home from the RSA;it was a shock as she had never done that before, and the effort it must have been to get out there, with her wobbly legs. And then 5 days before the end, I put her in the garage into her nest and later (2 am ) discovered her in the middle of Zoes lawn. She came over to me and I gathered her up. That was the last time I put her in the garage and she stayed inside all the time from then on.

I am proud that I have managed to feed Gretel 8 times this long weekend, and it didn't make me feel worse.

How amazing she was with the way she loved to get wet, and she sat out in the rain and I rubbed her down with a towel when she came in-all her life, she did that!

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