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'Winnie & Trixie Marie'

You Are Finally Home Again

Sep 13, 2011

by Winnie Byron

Trixie, today I brought you home. The funeral home gave you to me in a beautiful carved wooden box. They took your pawprint and clipped some of your hair for me. I am making a shadowbox memorial for you. It is turning out beautiful just like your spirit my little one.

I also put some of your ashes in a necklace for me and I made one for papa, he is going to keep his in his car.

The days go by sweetie and just when I don't think I could be sadder or miss you more, something reminds me of you and I am off again, feeling so alone and sad. It is strange how a baby as small as you could fill a house, it seems so empty without you.

I love you with all my heart Little Bit, you give Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Diane a kiss from me. I have asked them to give you a kiss on that sweet forehead and to rub your lower back. You always loved that!!

Goodnight my sweet one, come to me in my dreams and lets just sit in the sunshine together.

Love you Roo

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