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'Tracy & Milo'

Missing My Sweet Milo

Feb 14, 2013

by Tracy
(Washington State)

Well, it's now Valentines Day and I went to visit my sweet boy. He will always be my special boy and a true one of a kind. The pain comes and goes and I still pray for a sign to know that he is Okay. I am confident that I will see him again one day, but the emptiness is still there. I don't cry everyday, just often. I still wish I could have a do-over for that fateful day. If only...

I am trying to move forth, I am trying to forgive my husband for letting him out that night. Life will get easier, but it will never be the same.

I have a new little "Luna" - a little black and white tuxedo, and she has already stolen my heart.

Here's to a new day - I am trying to get stronger. I appreciate all the kind words; this website has been helpful.

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