Your Pet Loss Grief Diaries

'Lorien & Bear'

3 Weeks

Dec 12, 2009

by Lorien

It's been around 3 weeks now since we lost Teddy. I still miss Teddy terribly, but am finally able to function.

The first week was devastating with being able to do nothing but cry and hurt.

We decided to have Teddy cremated so we could bury him in our favorite spot, in the mountains in the spring.

Yesterday, I picked him up. And, that was hard.
To think a once vibrant, exuberant dog now fits into a small container. It's just so sad.

I had pulled out photos and had even found videos. However, am not able to watch the videos. I think that will take some time.

The memories of the years amaze me. Just the multitude of memories that we shared and how much a part of our lives Teddy was.

Nothing truly can replace that. Not another pet. Not another place. It's just gone. The loss of that time gone, in itself, is sadness.

I know time moves on, and with time comes healing. And, one day those memories will be a source of laughter and good feelings. But, now they just hurt. And the loss of him just hurts.

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