Your Pet Loss Poems

'A Cat's Prayer'

by Chloe
(Cotswolds, England))

My deep, resonant purr
Pink dab of tongue bedewed with milk
My rounded shape, sharp ears and soft, sleek fur

- Let me keep all these, and my kitten run
Let me leap up and down from the top of doors
And playfully claw any passing feet

Bring me the fluttering birds and crunchy mice
That I shall slaughter magnificently
But not too often because it upsets everyone

Deliver me from evil boys with slings and stones
And from the hard hearted
Who were mice in previous lives and hate cats now

Let me not, at the last, lose the strength of my hind legs
Nor fail to eat until my eyes sink into my skull
Don't let dying rend my guts
Nor drag me into the stinking roar of the road

These deaths would drown my human's soul in tears
And break my small heart also

Let her remember me curled and breathing beside her
My nose sheltered in the warm of my tail
Let her remember the delicate jaw resting on her arm
The climbing up best pullovers
The hiss and swipe she forgave every time
Let her always remember
My miniscule snores that comforted the silences of her empty nights

As it was in the desert
Is now in the insulated dwellings of mankind
And shall be when we must return to the sands together
Purr without end

* For Millie, Ella, Jasmine, Junipurr
* Not intended as blasphemous to the Christian faith, apologies to anyone who finds it so.

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