Your Pet Loss Poems

'A Part of Me'

by Jennifer Blough

I always knew this day would come
It didn't stop my heart from love
You became a part of me
Not just a pet you see
You indeed were my soul
A pure love is all you know
We've been though good and bad
You've loved each child we were glad
You were slipping away for years
I couldn't see or stop the tears
You held on for more than you should
Trying to protect us as you aways would
The look you gave that final day
I knew in my heart you couldn't stay
I held you as you closed your eyes
But didn't know the pain that lies
It seems hard to even breathe
When I see you're not next to me
I know you're in a better place
Please come to me in dreams and lick my face
For it is me who is incomplete
Without your head lying on my feet
I didn't just lose a pet, I lost a part of me
One day my friend I hope it is you who I see
When it's my time to finally be free.

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