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Your Pet Loss Poems

'An Ode To Bumble'

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Our goodbyes to Bumble!
by: Em, Jase, Karma & Esme

To a dear little man who we loved so much,
Our hearts are distraught, as we no longer touch,
That Black and White character, full of zest,
Is now quite settled and laid to rest.

His Mum and Dad will be healed by time alone,
All of us too, are in the same zone,
There will never be another quite like,
You Bumble, you amazing crazy tyke.

Your spirit lives on, for ever and a day,
Wholesome and full in every way,
We remember you with fondness in our hearts,
And will never forget your special art.....

Of making us laugh, cry and hearts flutter a bit,
Cos of your antics, all of us smit,
You can settle now in our own funny way,
And rest until we all join you one day!!

We love you and always will.

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