Your Pet Loss Poems

'An Ode To Bumble'

by Heartbroken

April 2004 -13 March 2011

April 2004 -13 March 2011

As we scatter your ashes and say our goodbyes,
Part of me wishes it had been me that had died.

Your spirit is free and never forgotten,
I miss you my love and still feel rotten.

As the moons pass and people move on,
I promise you baby I’ll try to be strong.

I’ll dismiss some peoples pooh poohs of ‘It’s only a dog’,
You were part of my family and they can bog off.

Our time was so precious as your years were so short,
There’s a hole in my heart on every walk.

Since you have passed I have cried oceans and buckets,
The house is so quiet without all your raucous.

To have had you in my life was an amazing privilege,
Knowing when my time comes together we’ll cross Rainbow Bridge.

As I get old and my life comes to an end,
I know you will be there my special friend.

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