Your Pet Loss Poems

'Believe In Me'

by Jerry Dickinson
(Murfreesboro Tn)

I found my Lola, in a litter of pups,
I knew she was the one, it wasn't just luck

God's destiny, designed her for me
I took her home, that's where she should be.

I fed her well
She'd bark at her tail,
and cuddled with me to no avail.

When I left home, she would ride
looking out the window, that all passed by!

Everywhere we went, Lola knew,
who loved me and loved them too.

We went to the river, every nice day.
I'd hold her tail, she'd paddle the way

I'd throw a tree branch, as big as it was
She'd fetch it for me, to show me her love.

It was such a bond, the day we met,
Only God and I, could ever forget.

I got older and so did she
We both slowed down, as you can see.

Puppies she raised, and so did I
We all had fun, with joy and some cries.

Years went by, as dogs grow fast
Thought it was forever, and would always last.

Lola got cancer, and I survive
Her vet told the truth, I thought it was all jive.

I followed the internet, and changed her diet
It seemed she got better, and I remained quiet.

Time went by, and I beat the bet
Six month later I asked the vet?

Am I doing good to make Lola survive?
He replied, 'You're doing good, enjoy the quality time!'

Ten months passed for Lola and me,
We both enjoyed, the time to be

She distanced herself, from her pups and I
I watched and waited, and watched her eyes

The day has come, she looked at me
Is this what you want, to be with me?

Let me go, and you go live
If you love me that much, that's what you will give,

Take me to God, you will never be alone
When your time comes, we will both be home.

She slept in the car, on the way to the vet
and looked at me, like I won't regret

I took her home, to rest in peace
For both of us, it was a big release

I never thought, this day would come
For Lola and I, we're glad it is done.

If you love your pet, BELIEVE IN ME!
Your pet will tell you, when it's time to be.

Thank you, Dr Miles Lane, and the staff of Brogli, Lane, Weaver, Alexander, animal clinic in Murfreesboro Tn.

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