Your Pet Loss Poems

'Beyond The Door'

by Ang-Ella Mac Donald
(Peabody, Ma, USA)

My Babi-Boi was my Shih-Tzu. He seemed to inherit my strengths,
my weaknesses, my idiosyncrasies. I considered him my son.

Every pain I had, he had. Every feeling I had, he felt.
Everywhere I was, he was. Everywhere I went, he went.

When it was necessary to shut a door behind me, I knew when I reopened it,
he was just beyond the door.

I spoke to him non-stop. Some, found that strange but I knew he understoood.

My house is quiet now. Without him to talk to, there is no need to speak.

When I someday get to heaven, I know my Babi-Boi will be there waiting for me,

Just beyond the door.

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