Your Pet Loss Poems

'Brittany Bayside'

by Barbara Tyrrell
(Woodbridge VA)

 Brittany Bayside - 2/27/2001  -  8/12/2012

Brittany Bayside - 2/27/2001 - 8/12/2012

A yellow puppy appears all a whirl,
We wanted a yellow, we wanted a girl.

We grabbed this little puppy up in our arms,
Our lives forever changed by her love by her charm.

She was a girly dog, a social butterfly,
All wagging tail and yellow eyes.

Miss Ocracoke she was crowned,
Playing in the waves,
Swimming in the sound.

She would orbit our house with joy,
Stealing a mouth full of toys.

Many a happy day,
Watching her run,
Watching her play.

With Brittany we became three,
That makes a family,
And a family we will always be.

Then Brittany got very sick,
Her time with us we could not pick.

We prayed please, please oh no,
But it was time for her to go.

Dear God do what you must,
But please don't let her forget us.

He promised to make her anew,
And off on angels wings she flew.

God smiled so we could see,
Britany is with family,
And our family she will always be.

We love you Brittany.

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