Your Pet Loss Poems

'Buddy My Beautiful Blue Eyed Boy'

by Dianna Petrytus
(Litchfield Park, Arizona)

This little poem is not only for my Buddy but hopefully will help other pet owners who have suffered loss. For me it has been 7 months and 4 days of sheer grief, I find that writing and praying help but I miss that big black dog with blue eyes more than ever losing any person other than my grandfather. So for my boy.


You came into my life as a little bundle of black and white fur,
And at times I would almost think you were a cat because I swore you could purr.
Your companionship will forever be in my heart.
More so now than when we did start.

Until we meet on the other side,
And my time has come.
To me you will always be my number one.

I love you my dearest blue eyed boy,
And I keep with me your favorite toy.
So for now I say til we meet again,
And our time together in eternity begin.

I love you my Buddy,
Until the time comes,
Please run with the angels in heaven's warm sun.

I love you forever
Your Momma

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