Your Pet Loss Poems

'Buddy My Beautiful Blue Eyed Boy'

by Dianna Petrytus
(Litchfeld Park, A)

Why God Gave Us Our Pets

Why God Gave Us Our Pets

God gave us our pets.

Gerbils, hamsters, dogs cats and an occasional egret.

God gave us our pets, to teach us humanity,

When we couldn’t even stand the person standing next to us because they were different.

God gave our pets, to teach us a beautiful and bountiful love,

When we humans won’t even touch each other to give someone a hug.

God gave us our blessing in the form of our two and four legged babies,

To the boa constrictor who slithers on his owners arm.

God gave us pets our pets to teach us to love,

Someone to hold onto and give a hug when no one else would.

God gave us our pets to teach us that they are all different and it doesn’t matter,

What color, race, breed or family creed they come from.

God gave us our pets to teach us humanity,

God gave me my Blue Eyed Boy Buddy, to teach me that I can be myself,

Without being selfish and to not judge someone just because they look different.

God gave me my Buddy to teach me to get an extra breakfast sandwich and give it to someone who might not have a meal.

God gave me Buddy to remember to always keep it real.

God bless you my blued eyed boy, remember the joy,

At the bridge we will meet, with kisses to sweet and tears of great joy,

Because you were one of my life's greatest joy.

God gave me Buddy to teach me about life.

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