Your Pet Loss Poems

'Buttercup an Angel'

by Carol
(Terrell Texas)

Buttercup, I love you so
You mean so much to me
At times I thought I'd never see,
a day without you and me.

Today I had to hold you close
and decide to let you go
The vet said it was hopeless
my mind said, yes, my heart said no.

A little yellow bird with wings of white
a parakeet, a friend on my darkest night
Singing, chirping, on your perch you would sleep
this pain, this sorrow, it runs so deep

A little grave under my window sill
for a moment in time the earth stood still
A muddy shovel, the soft green grass
I know this was your time to pass

Forgive me for the decision I had to make
I pray to God, I did not make a mistake
Your life my friend had come to an end
a choice I made for my dying friend

I'll awake tomorrow and you'll be gone
I try not to mourn for you
This grief I'll handle, your love I will share
for I buried you in my heart, and you're safe in there..

Love your Mommy
Carol Neal

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