Your Pet Loss Poems

'Buttons Is Slowly Slipping Away'

by Annette Hunter
(Horn Head Pet Sanctuary, Donegal, Ireland)

Buttons loves the heather

Buttons loves the heather


A woman who is so tidy, usually organised so very well

Now her kitchen table is a mess, unopened letters from who she can barely tell

Because her focus is poor Buttons who is getting more unwell by the day

Her focus is not unopened envelopes

They will still be here when Buttons is gone away

Her focus is poor Buttons who so needs her total love and attention

Her focus is to save Horn Head Pet Sanctuary, yes, that also deserves a mention

When a dog she truly adores is slowly slipping away

What matters unopened post? Surely time for that another day?

Over 50 begging letters sent in the early hours of so many a night

Hours and hours on the computer hoping someone out there would surely hear her plight?

Not even one reply. Not one stranger heard her pleas

What more must she do? Must she now get down and beg upon her knees?

So she cradles her darling Buttons, momentarily forgetting her need for an urgent lifeline

She clings to her darling Buttons knowing that each moment has to last a lifetime

What matters Time when Time is all that matters?

What matters unopened mail when her heart is torn in tatters?

What matters Money? Well Money can save us all

But No money can save poor Buttons, no amount of money is that tall

So tonight she will cradle poor Buttons, making sure for now she is warm, safe and happy

But tonight she will not sleep, she must think of more ways to save

Horn Head Pet Sanctuary

So tonight she will cuddle poor Buttons, so pure and of so gentle a soul

For tonight Buttons is still here with her, she is not yet ready to be stole

A woman sits in her kitchen which is so untidy and such a mess

A woman who is so tired and drained due to stress stress and more stress

A woman who adores her rescued pets, sure they rescued her she will say

But she desperately needs someone to rescue us all now

Keep hoping, she must keep hoping: Tomorrow brings another day....
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