Your Pet Loss Poems

'Buttons, My Love My Love'

by Annette Hunter
(Donegal, Ireland)

My pure gentle loving soul, Buttons

My pure gentle loving soul, Buttons


My Love My Love

There was never going to be a "right time", a time to have you let you go,

I never wanted to part with you Buttons, to have to say "Goodbye" to you? Please please tell me it isn't so?

I watched you grow weaker and weaker till that moment your eyes told me you were in pain,

We went to the vet but on that day tragically all attempts to save you were just so utterly in vain.

That day you did come home with me, but you could not take another breath,

I had handed you over to that alien force: cruel, selfish, cold, grabbing Death.

Buttons I miss you so much, no fancy prose or poem can ever express how I feel,

As I sit here grieving you my precious Buttons, I am in a daze, it all feels so desperately surreal.

I make no apologies to anyone for adoring you as I still and will always do,

Having you in my life was such a blessing, now I beg for just one more moment to be with you.

I have your precious ashes by my bed and so you sleep with me until I am called from Above,

I will never let you go Buttons, stay with me forever,

My Beautiful Pure Buttons


My Love My Love

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