Your Pet Loss Poems

'Can You See Me?'

by Donna H.
(West Palm Beach, Florida)

My Czar 1995-2010

My Czar 1995-2010

When I look at you:

I see God's beautiful creation on four
legs covered in luxurious black fur and soft eyes that
sparkle with the sweetest of dispositions.

I see a loyal friend who never left my side through
good times and bad and gave me so much love and joy.

I see your questioning eyes as you wait patiently for
my attention without complaint.

I see the pain and fear as your body fails on legs
that refuse to walk.

I see your sweet face and I realize what a wonderful,
selfless gift your life has been but......

Can you see me through those clouded eyes, once so full
of life, now dull and sad?

Can you see the heartbreak I'm feeling, tears
streaming down my face, watching helplessly as you
struggle to hold onto life?

Can you see how much I love you as I hold you one last
time while your eyes close in death and your soul
slips away?

Can you see me now from heaven above as I struggle to
cope with the loss of my best friend?

(My Czar, I miss you more each day.)

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