Your Pet Loss Poems


by Kelly
(Perth, West Australia)


It was a sunny day in the Autumn of 1996,
That I recieved my first true equine kiss,
From a little bay mare with all dull coat and mane knotted,
It was clear from first sight to each other we were besotted.

A couple of months later on the 27th of May,
I had the most unforgettable early gift for my 12th birthday,
That little bay mare, Cassie was her name,
She changed my life so it would never be the same.

It was as though she had been sent from the angels above
She gave me so much and in return only wanted love,
A true friend I knew I had found,
We could communicate without uttering a sound.

We fattened you up and made your coat shine,
And I made a promise that you would always be mine.

Dressage and hacking you really did not like.
"Get out of the ring!" the judge yelled over the mike,
But show her a jump, oh my, oh my,
That horse did not jump, she really did fly.

Then one day I noticed you were not yourself
I could see in your eyes,
you were asking me for help,
How could this be, you were only seven,
Far too young to be leaving me for heaven!

A trip to the vet revealed there was not much we could do
I couldn't bear the thought of parting with you
So my family and I for your life we did fight
We tried day after day, night after night.

But six weeks of trying turned out to be in vain,
I could see that it was over, you were in pain,
As a twelve year old that decision was tough,
But, oh cassie, you really had, had enough.

I said goodbye to you at Baldivis Vet
Amid tears and memories of the day we first met
I knew there would never be another horse like you
The tears would not stop, I didn't know what to do!

Then you turned your head and looked me in the eye,
It reassured me I would get by
For although there would never be another Cassie,
That last look gave me the courage and
seven months later I met

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