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Missing you every day
by: Tim

Chinook I miss you so much. It is going on 10 months since you passed and there is not a day I do not mourn for you. I want to see you so bad it hurts. Miss you my beloved nookie.

Your dear Chinook
by: Regenia

He was lucky to find you--and you were so lucky to be found. A lovely tribute to your dear Chinook.

Your poem
by: Aida

This is a very touching poem you have wrote. I know how you feel. I have lost many pets in the past, because of natural causes. I'm sure Chinook is looking down right now, and is thanking you for that lovely poem. RIP Chinook.

by: Danielle

This poem brought me to tears. I know exactly how you feel, I hope you are able to find peace knowing you gave him a beautiful life <3

God Bless,

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