Your Pet Loss Poems

'Christmas Message From Lewis 2008'

Lewis as a puppy

Lewis as a puppy

This is the first Christmas without me Dad
And I know you are feeling very sad

So do not cry on Christmas day
I am never very far away

Through all my life happy and sad
I could not have wished for a better Dad

I saw you put up the Christmas tree
I was there Dad it was me

You placed my toy upon the floor
But I can not play with it anymore

I felt the pain within your heart
I am sorry Dad we had to part

The tears came rolling down your cheeks
As I have seen them fall for many weeks

On Christmas morning I will kiss your face
And watch you from this special place

I'll whine a little because we are apart
But I know I will always have your heart

I miss you Dad every day
But you know I had to go away

There is no pain now I am young and free

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