Your Pet Loss Poems

'Daisy Mae Jones'

by Rebecca Jones
(Hamilton, NJ)

It's time you say with your eyes

It's time to say our goodbyes

My body no longer works like it should

But Daisy, I plead, if you try it could

No, you say, I have tried with all my might

And I'm tired now and must give up this fight

We have shared a bond, so special you see

Now it is time for you to let it be

I love you Daisy, more than you could ever know

If you love me, you say, you'll let me go

This pain I feel, it will not end

And this time my body will not mend

Just one more day, I beg of you

I can't you say, I've done all I can do

I have to go, I can't be late

Cassie is waiting at the pearly gate

She told me up there I can jump and run

She told up there we'll have so much fun

We'll meet again and I'll wait for you

But this one thing, you must do

As I look at you my heart breaks

This decision is the hardest to make

Mommy, you say, do this for me

I have always tried to make you happy

Now it's time for you to follow through

Do for me what I can not do

I thank you Daisy, for being so loyal and kind

Another Daisy, I will never find

I will be with you in the end

And I thank you for being my very best friend

This is by far the hardest thing I have had to do

But it is now time to give back to you

I know you would stay here if there were any way you could

You would endure the pain, no one should

I love you Mae and we say our goodbyes

I kiss your head as you close your eyes

Have fun up there and Goodbye my friend

My love for you will never end.

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