Your Pet Loss Poems

'Do Not Look For Me'

by Benji

Sometimes you look for me,
in every corner of every room.
You wait to see my face,
you wait to hear my footsteps as I turn the corner.
But you can't find me.
I'm a shadow that follows you,
everywhere you go.
But you can't find me.

Sometimes you cry because you cannot find me.
Do not be ashamed.
Bow your head and let the tears fall.
And don't wait for me to kiss your hand,
don't wait for me to tell you that it's okay
with my gentle gaze.
Don't wait for me to be there physically.
Know that I will not.

Sometimes you fall to your knees because you cannot take the pain.
When you find my favorite toy,
when you find my favorite blanket,
when you see my crate unused.
Do not feel ashamed.
Let it out.
Do not hold it in.
I am gone,
but you still look for me.

You look for me when you go for your evening walk,
you look for me when you sit in the living room all alone,
you look for me when you sit on the porch watching the sun set,
you look for me when you get in your car to do your monthly shopping,
you look for me when you lie down at night to go to sleep.
You feel me with you in your heart.
But you cannot find me.

So, you look for me.
You want to find me,
you want to know I'm with you.

Do not look in the obvious places.
Do not look in my favorite resting spot,
do not look in my crate,
do not look on the couch,
do not look in the yard.
Look inside yourself.
Hold onto me,
keep me in your heart,
and do not look for me,
for I never left.

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