Your Pet Loss Poems

'For Bebe'

by Jeanie

Don't wait for me outside the Pearly Gates,
though the field is golden and the wind is sweet.
Go on in, cos I might be late,
and say hello to my grannies, whom you may meet.

Think of it as a vacation,
where you'll run freely, and bounce, and binky,
with plushy grass to lay your head
and no prey or pain to make you weary.

If Fate will have it our way,
the years will come to pass.
With all my deeds fulfilled, as He has intended, I pray,
I'll be at my destination at last.

I will tread on the golden field,
the same field you once were wandering.
It is beautiful there, I'm sure.
But it's no use standing there waiting.

So don't wait for me outside the Pearly Gates,
though the wind is sweet and the field is golden.
Just come greet me at the opening gates
when I arrive, and walk with me into Heaven.

(Jeanie Tam - Feb 12, 2009 - in memory of Bebe, the pouty bunny.)

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