Your Pet Loss Poems

'From Holly Boo Boos to My Mum'

by Christine Sznurfeil
(Chorley, Lancashire, United Kingdom)

Thank you Mum for being brave enough to let me go,
I know how much it hurt you, and you did it because you loved me so.

All my aches and pain are just a dim memory now,
My legs are strong, and my ears can hear bird songs, and I can see clearly Mom!!!!

The Bridge was very wonderful and I wanted to go,
But I looked back down at you, I saw you crying, and wanted to come back,
I saw your head upon my body, and your eyes screwed up tight.

Your tears they fell like raindrops, and splashed upon my coat,
I saw you were kissing and telling me I could go,
But I had already gone, Mom but you didn't know.

I know how you loved me, and I love you both right back.
I had these turns Mom and you were always there,
You always kissed and cuddled me and I knew how much you cared.

I tried to stay with you Mum, I knew you loved me so,
But on that day it happened, you knew I had to go,

I went to sleep very quickly, I never felt a thing,
But God sent me the Rainbow Angel and he took me in his wings,

He told me you were crying, but not with any fear,
But because you loved me for the ten long years.

I know that you loved me then and still do every day,
And when God calls you Mum, I'll be there to show you the way.

Last night I heard you crying, as you sat on the bed,
So I came and stood next to you and brushed my head against your leg.

You knew that I was there Mum, because I heard you say hello,

I saw a lovely smile that turned into a grin, and the light in your eyes Mum, went bright instead of dim.

Just know that I love you, and watch over you every day,
I am here beside you, I havent gone away.

I Love You Mum, Always, xxx

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