Your Pet Loss Poems

'Ginger's Poem'

by Glenn Smith
(Peoria AZ USA)

I miss you my beloved dog, it’s only been awhile
I am trying to do my best to think of you and smile

The guilt I feel today is oh so very strong
Thinking back over the last month or so, and I know now it was wrong

I should have noticed more that you were starting to fail
And that your life here on earth was finally getting ready to sail

When you needed me the most I pushed you away
Oh what wouldn’t I give to have you back with me today

Now my heart and I feel so very much alone
Oh if I could just have you back in my now empty home

At least I was with you on that sad and final day
The Vet had told me everything would be OK

They say that your sleep was a gift I gave to you
But I know in my heart that it wasn’t really true

My selfishness was greater than my thoughts for you my love
And now I can only pray to my Father God above

That when my empty life is finally at an end
That our Father in Heaven will put us back together again

Glenn Smith 6/23/09

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