Your Pet Loss Poems

'Good-bye Old Buddy'

by Steve

Goodbye to the old place
where you used to pee
in the closet
of my painting room
on the gray rug.

Goodbye to the Zenith
You used to leap up on
And sleep upon,

The television
I had
when I was young
before I had you,
before we,
over 15 years
got old

That television
is gone.
Now so are you.

Goodbye to the
dreams of youth
the folds of time
that haven’t revealed
the whole beauty
that I had
thought was coming.

just a day after your departure,
sunshine, the autumn air,
and a brisk southern wind,
has swept a load of leaves
across the roof
and down onto the patio,
it in a dry ochre
that is bunching in the corners.

This place on Saturday
where at dusk,
You wandered outside
for the last time
and rubbed your face
in a gesture of contentment
on the gray aging wood
of the fence
that just two weeks ago
you had leaped over.

I will gather the memories
of wordless affinities and
affections we shared

and learn to love the world

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