Your Pet Loss Poems

'Heaven And Earth'

by Anna
(Washington, PA)



You are our angels from Heaven above
Oh how we all here send you our love

As we sit here on Earth each and everyday
Our love and memories of you will never stray

Our hearts are so empty and filled with grief
It's just because we miss you, and are still in disbelief

Life here on Earth just won't be the same
Because you can't come, when we call your name

When you came into our lives and our home
We sure didn't think of how it would be without you and alone

Our hearts are so empty and filled with pain
But we all must remember that you are now heaven's gain

Oh the feeling of guilt, is the hardest to accept and understand
We must believe we did it out of love and with god's helping hand

You may not be here with us in body ,but you are in spirit and soul
So we all must remember that and make it our goal

So as the days turn into months, and then turn to years
We must remember that you are with us and wipe away our tears

Heaven as we see it, is a beautiful place
Just because when we think of it we see your face

As to you our precious one, who has left us behind
We will see you again it's just going to take a little time

To all of our sweet angels in heaven above
Your parents here on Earth send you our love

Your parting from Earth has brought us together
We will all share your memories with each other forever

Living without you is going to be tough
There will be a bond between Heaven And Earth
And it is called us

With ALL Our Love
Special hugs and Kisses Max
From Mommy

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