Your Pet Loss Poems

'Heavens Gain'

by Frank Turner
(Yorkshire, England)

She comes no longer to my call and will never fetch her ball.

Although my eyes are filled with tears I think of them happy years.

Within my heart you're close to me and over the days we shed many tears,

But the memories we have will last for years.

And the love you showed we will never forget because our Jem was the greatest pet.

You now have gone and made your peace when night falls you're in my dreams.

I miss our cuddles by my side and rub your belly where we lie,

I ask you God please why did she die.

The grieving loss the painful hurt.

I took you to your final rest in your garden where you love best.

If our tears and heartache could make a lane I would walk the path to heavens gate and bring you back again.

RIP our beautiful girl

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