Your Pet Loss Poems

'Heiko - My Dear Departed'

by Storme Illingworth
(South Africa)

We got you when you were a fully grown dog
Not a young puppy that we had to train
We took you in and eased your pain
And even took you for a jog.

You were the main dog in the yard
You made sure everyone knew
And sometimes the fur even flew
Life for you was never hard.

But you’ve grown old my faithful friend
Your legs have grown weak, your eyes dim
Your fur has gone dull and there is pain in your limb
And so the time has come to offer an end.

Your memory will remain in my heart and my soul
And no other dog will ever be given your bowl.
So rest your weary head on my arm like so,
Take a deep breath, say goodbye and go

To the place where you will be young again
And you will never know suffering, hunger or pain.
Play in the grass, and lie in the sun
And one day we’ll walk across the bridge as one.

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