Your Pet Loss Poems

'Here Lies'

by Benji
(North Carolina)

Buried here beneath this earth,
are the remains of a best friend,
a gentle, loving companion,
someone who was faithful until the very end.

To those who knew her she was love unconditional,
to those just meeting her she was the sweetest thing,
to those passing us by they couldn't help but marvel
at the smiles she tended to bring.

She was innocent and pure to the last beat of her heart,
she was honest and true to the last breath she did take,
and even through the hard times, the tough times,
never once did her loyalty waver, struggle, or break.

She had no job, but she worked harder than most,
she tended to those small, living creatures with care,
and even if she was busy doing other things,
when one needed her, she would always be there.

She will be remembered as pure and true,
for as long as those who loved her remain,
To forget the way she was before she died,
well, it would truly be a shame.

Devoted, committed, pure, honest, hopeful.
Loving, gentle, caring, and perfect in her own way.
These are all words to describe the one who lies here,
the one buried here today.

She was not human, not like you and I,
but was always a better person than me,
Here lies courage, honesty, devotion, love,
Here lies my dog, my Cinnominn-ie.

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