Your Pet Loss Poems

'I Looked But You Weren't There'

by Emma Louise Dickenson

Tinkerbelle - Feb. 2008 - Feb. 2012

Tinkerbelle - Feb. 2008 - Feb. 2012

I looked for you in all your usual places today but you weren't there,
I checked your spot in the garden and looked on your favourite chair,

I emptied your food bowl and washed it all clean,
Gave away your food and toys so they didn't have to be seen,

Without your conversation the morning was not the same,
I told myself you were just a cat but still the tears came,

The pawprints on the worktop that I would normally wipe away,
Looked more beautiful than ever, so I left them there today,

I thought that if I left them and kept everything the same,
It would mean you hadn't really gone, that it was just a hiding game,

So I looked for you in the garden and in your favourite chair,
In all the usual places, I looked but you weren't there.

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