Your Pet Loss Poems

'I Still Think About You'

by Khadejah
(Bridgeport Connecticut)

200 days since the last time I saw your beautiful doggy face

I'm here without you Gangster but I still think about you all the time

Each day I'm here without you Gangster my days just fade away

One day you were with me the next you were gone

It all happend so fast I thought it must be a dream

There's no way Gangster is dead but it wasn't a dream and the nightmare couldn't and won't go away

You were really gone I truly lost you

I couldn't believe it I didn't wanna believe it but it was true

Counting the days until we both fade away

I can still hear your beautiful bark in the wind's breeze

I sometimes feel your presence around me for you are not gone

Your body has faded but your spirit, memory, and legacy, remain

I will always remember you but will you remember me

You're in the arms of an angel another angel besides me

Even if everyone in the family has forgotten I still remember your face,

Your warmth, your beautiful doggy smile, and your always happy personailty

You came to me and showed me that you loved me

Not because I'm an animal lover but for me

And that was something else I'll never forget

You just don't forget me

When I pass away I'll be with you again

I can't wait to see you greet me at Rainbow Bridge

I'm going to give you a big hug and kiss

Love you forever Gangster

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