Your Pet Loss Poems

'If Only I Could.....'

by Theresa

If only I could turn back time,
and spend that time with you,
I would take away the pain you felt,
and I would give more love to you.

I would make each precious moment,
one of happiness and joy,
filled with love and affection,
for my special girl and boy.

I would hold your paws so gently,
and I would hug your loving heads,
and I would hold you close beside me,
as I laid you in your beds.

I would understand the attention,
you demanded from me everyday,
telling me in your own doggy words,
that soon you would be going away.

I thought you were both immortal,
and everyday you would always be there,
but I took too much for granted,
and now 2 doggy beds lay bare.

If only I could turn back time,
to relieve myself of this pain,
I would hold you both so very tight,
so you could never leave me again....

To My Shimma and Zeus, my Love for you both is as strong as the Pain of losing you. I think about you always and I miss you both so very much...

Your Mummy xxxxxxxxx

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