Your Pet Loss Poems

'I'll See You Soon'

by Brooke Kaczmarek
(Silver Lake, MN)

I came home to find you in your eternal sleep.

Your beautiful eyes, would never reopen, your soft coat would never replenish.

I promised my self, I wouldn't break down,

I promised myself I wouldn't cry,

I promised myself I'd get sleep at night.

But I broke the promise, I needed you here.

Too many memories, too many days,

Life wouldn't continue without you waiting by your gate.

The next day I awoke, I put on my clothes,

I headed out to do my chores.

I saw your buddy, he was doing great, your kennel was empty.

All I could do was wait, you weren't there.

I yelled your name, I couldn't stop.

I couldn't control, what I lost.

I needed you here, but you I couldn't find.

But promise me you'll find me, when it comes my time.

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