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'In Memory of Khan'

I'd like to share the poem that I wrote 2 days after the passing of my beloved Khan 7 years ago on October 5th, at 4:30 am, at home, on my bed, in my arms. I will always remember the day, and exact time, because I sat silent vigil with my beloved from the time he started going down, all the way until the very end when he turned his head to me and uttered his goodbye cry that has broken my heart to this day, and probably the rest of my life.

The poem that I wrote in memory of Khan, is one that I had no way of knowing that 6 years later I would be turning it over to a most talented and sensitive musician who is a fellow member of, just as I am. Click here and go to our member pages. On mine you will be able to listen to Khan's song as you watch the cats slideshow. On his artist page you will find a number of songs that we have written together. The title of Khan's song is "In Memory of Khan".

In Memory of Khan

You showed me humor
how to laugh again
You stole my heart from me
in less than a day

Our journey it was long
thru love, laughter and tears
We were blessed to have you
for all those 12 years.

At Rainbow Bridge my Friend
please wait for me
'Till we're together again
for eternity

Yes you loved all of us
in your special way
Your someone special
Someone special that way


You refused to ever
back down from a fight
To watch you in action yeah
was an awesome sight

You were playful and naughty
Majestic and proud
You loved to show off yeah
to the right kind of crowd

Chorus(repeat x 3 and end)

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