Your Pet Loss Poems

'In the Breath of the Air'

by Mary Jo Zdziarski
(Northeast Pa.)

In the Breath of the Air
To my Dad
in loving memory of Meeka

A lonely road you used to walk,
then it came to be
Adults and children would smile and talk
when you were walking me

I brought to you the gift of friends,
Because I am gone that should not end
The Lord always plans where we are to be
His voice was calling, He needed me

There is no pain in Heaven you see,
I play as a puppy
No need to grieve for me
Do not be sad, I love this place
When you arrive you will see the joy on my face

I play in the snow whenever I choose
The rainbows are endless with their beautiful hues
Family is here, they love me too
When your work is done we will wait for you

God tells me you are needed there still
Your place in heaven waits til His wishes you fulfill
My job is done, I am at rest
Here on earth you gave me your best

Starry nights, a snowy day,
Walks in the park, while at church when you pray,
All these moments feel my spirit there
My soul lives on in the breath of the air

Go now my friend, Let your spirit be free
You were there when I needed you, as much as you needed me

Carry on the Lords' work and when you are done
You and I will walk together, side by side in the sun.

January 2012

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