Your Pet Loss Poems


by Reuel Hamilton
(Kennesaw, GA)



He called loudly for us on that final morn--
Our canine child, who for us had been born.
He’d “adopted us”, we’d always said.
Came straight to our door-- and not seeking bread.
Old Jake was long gone, and I had told my dear spouse,
“The next bird dog I have will live in the house.”
‘Twas a special March day in Twenty-oh-three
He appeared on our driveway, came directly to me.
Had happy brown eyes with a white “blaze” between,
His coat was just bright-- what a wonderful scene.
He’d brought doggie friends, quickly bade them “good bye”
To enter our dwelling-- “I’ll give them a try“.
“If he likes hunting quail, he is ours, heaven sent,”
I told my dear wife-- for us he was meant.
To birds and to guns he took with delight--
He had a great nose and pursued them with might.
But stopping to point he never would do--
“Make them fly” was his motto-- “Hey birds, shoo, shoo!”
So most hunts, Jack was destined to stay in the truck,
And loudly complain-- “I must go chase a buck!”
On Noonday Church Road, he’d run at car side--
23 miles an hour, his stride open wide.
He lay on his bed in our room every night--
Waked us with one bark-- he took great delight.
So now our dear friend has gone to new fields.
His balls and his bowls will fail to appeal.
But his memories joyful will ever live on.
“Dear Jack, how we loved you, and now you are gone.”

Reuel Hamilton, Jr., November 26, 2012

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