Your Pet Loss Poems


by KC
(Lexington, SC, USA)

Our Beloved Jake

Our Beloved Jake

We lost our big Galou today, our baby for over 10 years
And even though we know he’s in heaven with Ernie, we can’t seem to stop the tears.

Our beloved dog, Jake, rescued from the APL,
Given a life of luxury, when he could have been put through hell.

He loved his Master and Daddy the best, they always were best friends ,
And this big loveable dog thought he was daddy’s lap dog till the very end.

He’d climb up in Daddy’s chair to sit upon his lap,
And Master and his 75 pound pup would surely take a nap.

He loved us all so much and protected us so well,
He’d never let harm come to any of us, and he did his job well.

Then came a new pup, homeless as could be,
But Jake took him in, adopted him, his daddy he would be.

When Luca ran, Jay followed him to protect this rowdy pup.
Never thinking of himself, never giving up.

He’d stay with him till they were found and brought safety home,
He loved Luca and didn’t want to be alone.

But then someone broke our backyard gate, and freedom Luca saw,
So out he went, followed by his guardian angel, Jake,
He thought it was his duty after all.

We looked and searched and called their names for hours into the night,
Then started again at daybreak at mornings first light.

I drove up to the highway, pulled by an Angel, I’m sure,
Only to find our baby wouldn’t be with us anymore.

Now Jake is with his Ernie Choo, playing in heaven’s yard,
Where no one can harm him and he’ll never grow tired.

We will always love and miss our big Galou-
He was everyone’s best friend,
And, Jake our beloved dog,
Will stay in our hearts till we see him in heaven again.

KC Osmialowski 10/16/08

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