Your Pet Loss Poems

'La Chasseuse (The Lady Hunter)'

by Govind Nair

Draped in fine Virginia fur
Proudly bearing her necklace
Her ears hanging
Like long teardrop pearls

She trots four legged
Into the ballroom
Her olfactory sense
Of acute wine snifter perfection
Appraising the culinary fare

Sensing that her presence
Attracts each and every present gaze
She regales the ball
With a lugubrious operetta
Her neck craning skyward

Her tricolor gown
Is now the envy of the ball
She unflinchingly accepts
The cooing admiration
And caresses of the charmed bipeds

Slowing bowing
Her four legged stance
Drops to the ground
She settles down
Content to offer the crowd
Her melting cocoa gaze

Perth, Western Australia Oct 2006

(This poem about a wonderful companion, Lady Hunter, a Virginia tree walker hound, was written about seven years before she passed in May 2013).

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