Your Pet Loss Poems


by Dana
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

My Beautiful Lily ~ Set Free - May 25, 2009

My Beautiful Lily ~ Set Free - May 25, 2009

Fly free, my beautiful Lily,
You're missed so very much,
I long to kiss your little face,
Your soft fur, I long to touch.

My heart will always hold a place,
That you can only fill,
I wish you were back home with me,
Sleeping on the window sill.

I look around and hope to see,
A sign that you're OK,
I haven't felt your spirit yet,
Since you have gone away.

Your time with me was way too short,
But in that time, my dear,
You stole my heart and filled my life,
With love, good times and cheer.

I hope, my sweet, you feel the love,
That Cilla and I send to you,
With every laugh or cry we make,
It's all that we can do.

Until the day we meet again,
Upon the Rainbow Bridge,
Life here goes on, the tears will dry,
Our hearts might heal a smidge.

But when our time here comes to pass,
And we look to the light,
Together again we three will be,
And all will be alright.

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