Your Pet Loss Poems

'Max & Raja'

by Marti
(Cincy, Oh)

I missed you so much, you can never be replaced.
Had many bad months of sadness, depression & loss,
But know you want me to be happy again.

So Raja is here, and very sweet to me,
She can never ever replace the hole in my heart, that you left.
But she is a good dog, so happy & free!
Reminds me of you so much, when you were a puppy!

You were here, I've missed you so,
Every day & night, you know.
You can never, ever be replaced,
I loved with you all my heart & soul,
And I always & forever will.

You were my best dog I've ever had,
And your loss has affected me so very bad.
I still write/talk with you every day,
Our love/bond will never go away.

I love you Max with all my heart,
and I believe we will never again be apart.
Someday, in the Rainbow Bridge, we will again be together!
With all my love to my best baby ever!

Luv you Max, Mommie

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